Purple Puzzle Tree

purple puzzle treeOver a period of 12 months or so around 2009 I worked with Norm Habel in his re-production of the Purple Puzzle Tree, my special contribution to this being to design and construct (with Ian Wurst) the set for the new production (Ian did the building, I did the painting!).

This children’s program, originally planned for television production, was ultimately produced as a DVD.

You can find more information on this project on its own special website (click here).

I also have my own small tribute to Norm in one of my posts (click here).

purple puzzle-02

The Purple Puzzle Tree

purple puzzle-01

The Tree… & Norm!

2 thoughts on “Purple Puzzle Tree

    • Dear Karen,
      This project did not move through to its full completion, so only a limited number of DVDs were ever produced. Norm Habel might be able to assist you further, and if you wish to send him a request through me at bobandrae@optusnet.com.au I can forward it on to him.
      Kindest regards.
      Rae Kempe

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