The post-Pentecost season – [See explanation after pictures.]

Trinity 1

Trinity 2

Trinity 3

Trinity 4

Trinity 5

In designing these paraments I needed to consider that the TRINITY SEASON, apart from Trinity Sunday is predominantly a season with growth in Christ as a basic theme. 

I therefore chose to work with organic rather than geometrical shapes, and asymmetrical balance rather than rigid symmetry. Natural plant forms have been used as a basic motif to symbolize the following

  • Central Cross – Gold – Takes the form of a tree; the gold symbolizing royalty  richness and the precious gift of God’s love.
  • 3 identical leaves –Green – the leaves symbolize the three persons of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Green is the colour of growth.
  • Flow of Gold – The Gold flows from the Cross as Love that is ever moving outwards.
  • Individual Budding Plants – These symbolize individuals and/or communities sustained by this flow of love and nourished by the Blood shed on the cross.
  • Pools of Blood – Red – These are carried by the golden flow and symbolize the continuing availability of The Sacrament of Holy Communion to communities and individuals through the Church.
  • The colour Green—The traditional and universal colour of this season of the church year, here emphasising the image of constant growth.           

This design has been deliberately kept very simple.

I hope that it will enhance worship at St. Stephens and add meaning to our various liturgical forms.

– Rae Kempe

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