St Stephens, Adelaide

In June-July, 2014, I was invited asked by St Stephens, Adelaide, to undertake a painting as a farewell gift for its pastor, James Winderlich. The painting was designed to reflect the character of the congregation during James’ ministry, and it was presented to him on the day of his farewell service. I titled it St Stephens, 2014, and an explanation of the picture can be found below.

St Stephens 2014

St Stephens 2014

St Stephens 2014

The heart of life at St Stephens is the gathering of God’s people in this place for worship, nurture, and fellowship.

This gathering is made possible through the presence of Jesus, depicted in the Good Shepherd window. Jesus ‘comes down’ to enter into the lives of his gathered people, welcomes them, mingles with them, and serves them.

The building provides the space within which this ministry occurs, and it includes the refurbished facilities opened earlier this year, as shown in the architectural plans in the background.

The pastors of the diverse Chinese, Sudanese and English congregations hold the processional cross, the design of which is based on the altar’s glory cross.

The general warm colour scheme reflects the internal atmosphere.

Over time the people in this community change – as depicted in the neutral generic figures. By contrast, the detailed rendering of the Jesus figure represents that which does not change.


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