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Advent 1

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Advent 5

The Advent season of the church year focuses on ways in which God comes into the world, especially in the person of Jesus.

The colour blue was chosen to differentiate the four Sundays in Advent from the purple of the Lenten season.

The triple gold arc represents the triune God coming into the world, the border of the world being a broken silver line, which symbolises the brokenness of humankind. Within the area where these two part-circles meet, light is created, perspectives change, and hope is born.

The star shape represents this Light, and also alludes to the star of Christmas, signalling the birth of the Saviour.

Advent not only looks back on God-as-Light coming into the world. It also looks forward to when Christ will return as Light at the end of time. And it reminds us of how God-in-Christ still comes into our world each day as the Light which lightens our lives.


One thought on “Advent

  1. Rae
    I am pastor of a United Methodist church in Newark, Ohio (Christian Endeavor).
    Would you be interested in creating Advent paraments for us?
    You can reach me by cell phone (614-204-3349) or by email (
    dave pagura

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