Studio at Night

Studio at Night

My memory is visual, my dreams are in full colour (and in episodes), and I am fascinated with the natural properties evident in classical western art and architecture.

As a child I was never more contented than when I had opportunity to create or construct something beautiful (and often practical) with paints, fabrics and three-dimensional materials.

Consequently, I chose art as my field of study, and – for practical survival purposes – the art teaching degree. This gave me a career which I have enjoyed in South Australia and New Zealand.

In 1984 I returned to uni, and majored in Drawing for my Bachelor degree. Drawing has always been my first preference as an immediate and spontaneous interpretation of observation or an idea.

Recently I have focussed on painting, mainly in oil and acrylic, although I have also experimented with pastel and watercolour. I am always excited by the infinite possibilities of the variety of techniques available, and I continue constantly to experiment with a diverse choice of media.

Throughout my married life I made a conscious decision to make my family my top priority, and love being a wife, mother and (now) grandmother. Naturally, the time devoted to family, plus teaching, gave me little time to develop my own work for many years. However, in retirement – with my very own studio – I am like a pig in mud, enjoying the opportunity now to devote that much more of my time to exploring and expanding my own artistic creativity.

[You can find my detailed curriculum vitae by clicking here.]

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