Welcome to my website. . .

Raes studio   . . . a place where I can share my art work, tell you a little of my story as an artist, and provide information on what I am doing.



Until a few years ago, most of my art work was undertaken either for my own personal enjoyment, or in connection with teaching art in high schools. Often I was asked to provide basic designs and practical knowledge for various special projects.

Some examples of this work can be viewed in the Galleries listed in the right-hand menu of this page.



This is the next exhibition in which I am involved.

Click on the image for further information.



On my ‘About Me’ page you will find a brief statement on my artistic career, as well as a link to information about my background art experience.

If you are interested in information on design or fine art commissions and sales, my contact details are as follows:

Phone: (08) 8272 2319        Mob: 0424 953 975

E-mail: bobandrae@optusnet.com.au

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One thought on “Welcome to my website. . .

  1. Hello Rae,
    I enjoyed your exhibition recently! Your website is great and an example to follow. I hope you can contribute to the Unley survey on public art.
    All the best, Helen Sherriff

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